Join us for an exciting new collaboration of the luxurious spa services of Elliven Spa and the fun, interactive events of Evolutionare! We’re excited to provide you and your friends with an all around fantastic experience focused around true indulgence...


Bring 6 or more of your favorite ladies and join us after-hours for a private party at Elliven Spa! Our SPA-rties are perfect for bridal parties, bachelorette celebrations, a girls night out, client events or just the need for a bit of fun and relaxation. We have designed these SPA-rties to provide you with an all around memorable experience – just perfect to enjoy with some fellow ladies that are looking for something fun and new!

Have some little ladies to include?
We are also happy to create a customized “little ladies” spa experience if you have something of interest.

Interested in making your party even more memorable?
Send a formal invitation, present a small gift to your guests, expand the theme to include more items and/or details, incorporate personalized items... and then some. Want to customize a party or theme, or have a theme you want to explore, Evolutionare looks forward to bringing your ideas to life!

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Sip and Savor
(chocolate? wine? yes, please....)
Chocolate and wine, together as one, in an interactive pairing session for you and your friends. Work your way through the line from the lightest to the darkest and marvel at how the wine truly does make your chocolate even better! (Surprised? Perhaps not – wine can make many things better in our opinions!) However, this fun pairing session allows you and your guests to really experiment and learn the flavors of these two beloved indulgences. “Sip and Savor” your way through the pairings, learning as you go and realizing that wine and chocolate will never be the same again. It will be better! Prepare to be amazed... some of our favorite pairings were by far the last we would ever expect! And don’t you worry – you’ll be able to go back and experience those favorite pairings again! Indulge throughout the evening with spa services featuring chocolate massage oil and chocolate paraffin wax treatments!

The Evil Queen
(sorry, Snow White...)

Mirror, mirror on a wall... who is the fairest of them all?? The red lips. The fair complexion. The deep purple and black... Mysterious as she is stunning, the Evil Queen embraces such a beautiful strength that she’s completely mesmerizing. Known for boldness, and a bit of brash, the Evil Queen has been one of our most recognized “women of power” since our earliest years. “Poison Apple” martinis and smooth, white cheeses with plum and other forest-inspired accompaniments are amongst the tasty indulgences of this party, all while you enjoy the beauty and spa pampering fit for none other than a queen.

Vin et Fromage
(the tasty, classic friendship between cheese and wine)

Many friendships date back to the beginning of time and this may be one of our favorite ones...! Wine and cheese have been paired and celebrated together for ages, and even though there have been creative twists to exploring their friendship, there has yet to be anything quite like our version! Just like you see in those fantastic paintings of royalty and indulgence in past eras, prepare yourself for a bit of pampering alongside this pairing. You’ll explore the relationships between an array of cheeses and a mix of red and white wine. Inspired by rolling fields of endless grapevines, our fun set-up brings this tasty vision to life.

The Honey Bee
(a fun twist on one of nature’s sweetest 

Sweet flavor. Natural health benefits. BEE prepared to BEE pampered with one of nature’s sweetest indulgences! Honey brings such a subtle power with its sweet essence, that we rarely realize the true value in one of nature’s finest gifts. Working alongside the organic treatments of Elliven, this sweet treat packs double the power with benefits inside and out. Known for its great anti-aging and moisturizing agents, honey leaves our skin and hair fresh and rejuvenated, but it also boosts our immune system and metabolism! Experience the full Honey Bee experience – Elliven’s dedication to organic products meet a table setting of refreshing, rejuvenating drinks and tasty honey-inspired treats all dedicated to the powers of the honey bee. Experience the honey and fig scalp exfoliation treatment as one of our signature honey BEE services.