Hot Stone Paraffin Facial
This traditional facial is enhanced by a hot stone facial massage to rid the body of negative energy and stress. A warm paraffin masque is applied to drive valuable nutrients into skin, ultimately hydrating and repairing dry and damaged skin. Choose from firming collagen paraffin, rose-infused paraffin for dry skin, or Sedona mud paraffin for oily skin. 

Glycolic Peel
Glycolic acid can improve your skin tremendously and assist in age-related problem reversals, such as reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, hydrating dry skin, and it also improves blocked pores and acne. A glycolic peel works by loosening the matter that attaches the skin cells to one another. By undoing these connections, the upper most layer of skin is detached much sooner than it would under normal circumstances. This causes a clearing of the pores, resulting in a smoother skin and younger looking complexion. Isn't it time you got back to the skin you were born with? There is no down time after this peel!!! It is recomended that if using a retinol product you discontinue use two weeks prior to this peel. 
60 minutes$150

Lactic Acid Peel
This peel is the gentler of the two peels and recomended for more sensitive skin, very dry skin or those with Rosacea. Peels are an aggressive way to fight the signs of aging and resurface the skin in cases of scar reduction, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and sun damage. There is no down time with this peel!!! It is recomended that if using a retinol product you discontinue use two weeks prior to this peel. 
60 minutes$150

Express Peels 
30 minute Glycolic or Lactic acid peel. Perfect for a quick pick me up on your lunch break or on your way home. 
$80 (packages available ~ $400/6)

Collagen Facial                                                                                                                  
Indulge and relax while the coenzyme Q-10 helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases hydration, neutralizes free radical damage and boosts collagen elasticity. The warmth of the collagen infused paraffin will help penetrate the Swiss collagen hydrating complex to form an emollient layer on the skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid Facial                                                                               
This rejuvenating facial leaves your skin firm, hydrated and is working hard to help combat the signs of aging. The Hyaluronic acid complex is placed on the skin beneath a warm paraffin wax masque, chosen for your skin type, to help the serum better penetrate the lower levels of the dermis. Hyaluronic Acid forms an air permeable layer, thus boosting the elasticity and hydration of the skin. The protective barrier on the skin locks in moisture, which gives a more youthful appearance. Hyaluronic Acid also helps to protect the skin from UVB rays, which are known to cause age spots. Enjoy younger looking and feeling skin. Benefits are best seen after a series of facials.
$125 (packages available ~ $625/6)

Caviar Facial                                                                                                                                       
Indulge in pure luxury with this Anti-oxidant rich facial. During this 60 minute treatment we will boost the skin 5 times with powerful ingredients. Vitamins B & C, Acai Berry, Papaya and Caviar are all used to nourish the skin and leave it hydrated, protected, and resurfaced. Caviar is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, and has a cell format similar to human skin. It helps to speed up the natural production of collagen, and in time it helps to plump up and thicken the skin and thus give a younger, firmer appearance. Perfect for all skin types! 

Cold Stone Radiance Facial
Freshness is restored to the skin in this hydrating customized skin therapy. Reduce redness and swelling with an invigorating cold stone facial massage that will leave your skin radiant and glowing. The masque and serums used in this heavenly service will be completely customized to your skin needs after a thorough skin analysis and consultation.

Anti-Aging Marine Oxygen Facial
Restore youth to your complexion with this age management treatment. This facial concentrates all of the active ingredients needed to increase the oxygen intake on the superficial layers of the skin. A marine masque is used to stimulate collagen synthesis, and retinol will smooth out your features. Your skin will be revitalized, clean, soft, and firm. 

Anti-Acne Facial
This aggressive treatment rebalances the skin while removing impurities and excess oil. A marine masque is applied to help regulate oil metabolism, and salicylic acid is used to reduce marks left by acne, leaving visible results. This facial is very effective for individuals with oily and acne-prone skin. 

The Ultimate Hydrating Facial
Hydration is the key to beautiful skin. Like a rainstorm in the desert, this skin-drenching treatment quenches and rehydrates the most parched skin. After peeling away the marine masque, the complexion is dewy and luminous.


Soothing Solutions Facial
This facial calms, soothes, reduces inflammation, and protects against environmental damage. It is designed to reduce the symptoms of the most sensitive skin, making it perfect for those individuals with Rosacea or polysensitive skin. 

Skin Specific Facial   
This facial starts with a skin analysis. Based on the results, our experts perform a personalized facial to restore your skin to its optimum level by using a combination of proven therapeutic techniques that merge with Ayur Medic products. The facial includes cleansing, steam therapy, a masque for repairing the skin, and extractions. Also enjoy a stress relieving shoulder, neck, scalp, and facial massage.
60 minutes      $95 and up
90 minutes      $120 and up

Gentlemen's Facial
The facial begins with a thorough cleansing of the face and neck, followed by a steam treatment and exfoliation. A relaxing shoulder, neck, scalp, and facial massage is included. The treatment concludes with proper hydration designed for a man’s skin.
45 minutes $75

You Glow Girl Facial for the Mom2Be
Using the basq line of pregnancy products, this facial will help reduce the skin problems that can occur during pregnancy while pampering the expectant mother. Skin is steamed with Lavender Pear Aromatherapy, followed by a gentle exfoliation of the face and neck with Rebalancing Cleanser. Cucumber Tea Eye Gel is applied to the eye area to help reduce puffiness. A gentle facial massage concludes this must have experience for the soon-to-be or new mom. 

Teenage Facial
Ultra-sensitive products are used for a gentle yet deep cleansing treatment—perfect for young skin. Also included in the session is an educational lesson on proper skin care and maintenance, how to take care of problem areas, and the importance of SPF.
45 minutes $70

Express Facial
This quick and thorough facial includes a deep cleansing treatment, gentle exfoliation, and hydrating moisturizers, all customized for your skin type. 
30 minutes $65

Manual Microdermabrasion
Our Manual Microdermabrasion treatment refines pores and smoothes skin. Ultra fine pumice crystals buff away dull skin cells to reveal fresh, firm skin. The unique treatment is done manually, without the use of machinery, allowing your esthetician to control the amount of pressure used to customize your skin care needs. This highly popular treatment is great for all skin types, particularly those with anti-aging concerns.
Add on to any facial $25
30 Minutes

Pumpkin Peel
45 minutes $65

Papaya Peel
45 minutes $65

Paraffin Masque
Choose from: collagen paraffin for firming, rose-infused paraffin for dry skin, or Sedona mud paraffin for oily skin.


Eye Treatment
This treatment smoothes the eye contour area and helps to eliminate puffiness with a marine masque.  Signs of fatigue are reduced and your eyes will regain their sparkle.

Luxury Lip Service
This marine collagen masque—an anti-aging lip plumping treatment—will give you fuller, more luscious lips.

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment
This 15 minute anti-aging hand treatment is an intensive, richly hydrating, rejuvenating "facial" for your hands. Enjoy the aroma therapeutic scent of French Vanilla Bean while the highly beneficial ingredients packed with antioxidants such as Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids, Vitamins A, C, E and Omega 3 Fatty Acids work to reverse the signs of aging. Your hands are placed into heated mitts to help increase absorption.
15 minutes $20

Parafin Wax Hand Treatment


Enjoy a shampoo and blow-dry after any spa service for $20.