Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you can change into a robe & enjoy a complimentary footbath before your service. Enjoy a hot aroma towel compress at the end of every massage as well. We believe that the little luxuries in life make a great impact.

Swedish Massage 
This is a traditional massage to relax the muscles. Recommended for first time clients and those just looking to relax.
30 Minutes       $55
60 Minutes       $85
90 Minutes       $110

Integrative Massage
Enjoy the relaxation of a Swedish massage while still enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a deep tissue massage. Relax while aches and pains are relieved and your central nervous system is addressed to restore well-being and balance. Massage modalities such as trigger point therapy will be used to relieve needed areas. Enjoy the best of both massages.
60 minutes       $90
90 minutes       $115

Cranial Sacral Massage
This is a gentle, noninvasive massage that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain by restoring the natural position of the bones.
90 Minutes       $150

Deep Tissue Massage
A Muscle Recharge essential oil is used to relieve deep tension in the muscles through slow kneading techniques to relieve chronic pain. Excellent for active, athletic people.
30 Minutes       $60
60 Minutes       $95
90 Minutes       $120

Hot Stone Massage
Black Basalt river stones are used for deep penetration of heat to rid the body of negative energy and stress, allowing the muscles to relax further. 
90 Minutes       $150


Fire and Ice Massage
Both hot and chilled Basalt Stones are used in this one of kind massage. The heated stones are used to help soothe and release tightened muscles. The chilled stones are used to decrease swelling and inflammation and also help with pain control. These two sets of stones work in harmony on your muscles to leave you in the most relaxed euphoric state with an increase in mobility and a decrease in discomfort. It must be experienced to truly understand this heightened level of zen and bliss.
90 Minutes       $150


Glow Rejuvenating Massage
This treatment will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy an aromatherapy body polish of your choice followed by a relaxing Swedish Massage and Reiki. You will be silky smooth, glowing, relaxed and fully "Ellivened"
75 Minutes       $135

Merry Mint Massage
During the first 60 minutes enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage, while the last 15 minutes are pure bliss, as hot stones are used to massage the back. The heat of the stones will to penetrate the muscles and melt away the stress. Enjoy the refreshing uplifting aromatherapy notes of Eucalyptus & Mint to help invigorate the senses.
75 minutes       $120

A gentle and therapeutic touch is used to increase circulation, reduce tension, and promote relaxation in the expecting mother. This treatment may also help alleviate the backaches, leg cramps, and swelling that often accompanies pregnancy. Basq skin care products are used to pamper the mom-to-be including Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy to relax her. Advanced Stretch Mark Butter is applied to stretch mark prone areas. Must be in 2nd or 3rd trimester and have a doctor’s note.
60 Minutes     $100
90 Minutes     $130

Aromatherapy Massage
This treatment uses the power of essential oils to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. The aromas from essential oils are used to evoke emotions and memories and deepen your relaxation. Blending therapeutic essential oils for massage, inhalation and topical application can stimulate well-being and encourage a healthy mental, physical and emotional body. Elliven your mind, body and spirit.
60 minutes       $90

Golf Champion Massage 
This massage spends time concentrating on the areas most impacted by your golf game to help improve mobility.

Stress Relief Massage 
This massage concentrates on the tension spots found in the neck, shoulders, and back.
30 Minutes  $60

15 minutes    $25

Reiki is sometimes hard to explain because it is so simple & delicate. Reiki is Japenese for 'Universal Life Energy and is also a word used to describe a system of natural healing. In a Reiki session or add-on the practioner is seeking to transmit Universal life energy to you while lightly placing the hands on the body and sometimes by merely having them hover above the body. The intention is to create a deeper relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain & decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing. 
30 Minutes     $60


Foot Reflexology
An ancient form of healing, reflexology supports the immune system by activating the pressure points along the meridians of the feet. The massage techniques used will help to relieve the aches and pain of everyday pressure on the feet.
45 Minutes     $60

Happy Feet
Be ready to kick up your heels and start dancing your feet will feel so good. After a detoxifying foot soak your feet will enjoy a pressure point massage incorporating hotstones and reflexology to bring relief to your aching feet. The 60 minute version includes a foot scrub.
30 minutes       $50
60 minutes       $75

Add Ons

Deep Heat/Bio Freeze 
This warming gel is used to treat extreme spot pain. It will penetrate into the muscle, relieving the deepest aches and provide lasting relief.

Mineral Compress
Rich in vitamins and minerals, this hot towel compress is applied to the areas in need. The high content of Magnesium is absorbed into the body helping to increase mobility and decrease agonizing pain.

Dry Brushing Treatment
Gentle exfoliation of the body is performed to help massage creams and oils better penetrate the skin for added moisture.
15 minutes       $12

Abdomen Massage, Passive and Assisted Stretching, or Relaxology
An extra 15 minutes of massage added onto your service.

Reiki, or Myofacial Stretching

Slumber Treatment
Not ready to end your massage session, too relaxed to get up from the bed just yet?  Surrender into a state of slumber for just a little longer while the sound of ocean waves help you drift away leaving you rested and rejuvenated.
15 minutes       $20

Foot Reflexology
15 minutes       $25 

Sinus Treatment Add-on
Sweet peppermint oil is used with targeted pressure point massage to help relieve sinus pressure and discomfort.
15 minutes       $25

Hot Oil Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment
A luxury oil blend, designed specifically for the hair, is mixed with rosemary & peppermint and massaged into the scalp making the hair soft and shiny. A treat for the head neck and shoulders leaving you with luxuriously nourished locks.
15 minutes       $25

Enjoy a shampoo and blow-dry after any spa service for $20.

Our massage creams, oils, and essential oils are all organic. The massage cream is cruelty-free,
paraben-free, and nut free.

The only massage or body treatment recommended for pregnant women is the Mom2Be Massage for the safety of the baby and mom. Please consult with your doctor before scheduling this massage.

For our friends with allergies, the massage lotion and oil may contain nut ingredients; the massage cream does not.  Please notify us of any allergies you may have.