Women's Cuts
$45 and up

Men's Cuts

All of our men's cuts come with 2 shampoos, one before your cut and one after. This will help to remove all the unwanted cut hair! 

Also available to our male clientele are complimentary neck and sideburn trims between your regularly scheduled cuts to help keep you looking sharp.
$25 and up

Kid’s (10 and Under) $17 and Up*

Kid’s (10 and Under) with Shampoo Blowdry 
$25 and up*

Level One Stylist Pricing

A level one stylist is a newer team member to our salon with less experience. They have completed an assistants training program and have been tested and graduated to stylist position.

Women's$35 and Up

Men's $20 and Up

Kid's   $12 and Up

Kid's with a Blowdry$17 and Up

Complimentary 15 minute consultation for any service.

*Prices vary by designer