Tips for Long Lasting Foundation in the Summer

Avoiding Makeup Meltdowns


As the temperature rises, there's nothing worse than having your foundation slide down your face. If you've given up hope that your summer makeup look can't survive more than a few hours outdoors, think again! We have you covered with the best tips and tricks to avoid the dreaded summer makeup meltdown. 



1. Go for a oil-preventing cleanser during the summer months because on top of the heat and sweat, makeup also melts from the oil in your skin. 

2. Don't skip your moisturizer just because you're afraid it will amplify oil - you're just missing the right product. This is also an important step because moisturizing evens the surface of your skin to avoid foundation collecting on dry spots. Use something with a lightweight formula and wait 5 minutes to give time for it to absorb before moving on to step 3. 


3. Start with a primer. We love jane iredale's Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener because it has anti-aging properties that even skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores and increase luminosity.

4. Use foundation sparingly and use only on areas where its needed. The less you apply, the longer it will last because whatever isn't making direct contact with your face will slip and slide! For a truly luxuriously light look and feel, the absolute best product is Jane's Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream. Glow Time covers blemishes, minimizes pores, disguises wrinkles, and smoothes and brightens skin.

5. Always set with powder - it acts as a barrier from oil by giving the makeup something to stick to to stay in place. Jane's Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder gives a creamy and never cakey look (AND includes 20 SPF). Use lightly because excess powder will settle into creases. 


6. This is the secret ingredient! Set with one of jane iredale's Hydration Sprays. Just a few spritzes will lock in your makeup look all day long! The Balance Hydration Spray is great for heat because this one is formulated specifically to help balance skin’s oil production and pH. It uses orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract ti calm and feed the skin. 

When your makeup stays in place, you feel more confident and beautiful to take on the day! Give these tips a try and let us know how it goes! 

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Posted on April 26, 2015 .