Put the "MAN" in "Manicure" with Elliven's New Men's Line

The spa isn’t just for women anymore! From athletes to average Joes, men have invaded the spa scene – did you know that one third of all spa-goers are men? Out of everyone visiting spas, men are also the segment that's growing the fastest.

 Enjoying the necessary luxuries in life...

Enjoying the necessary luxuries in life...

Don't believe us? Who better to ask than AskMen.com?

“Men are learning that spas can offer them the kind of physical therapy that seeps into every aspect of their lives, which the playing field or golf course can't necessarily provide. Once men realize that taking a few hours to treat themselves can re-energize their batteries in a way they've never known, they'll feel ready for what spas have to offer.” 
“If you haven't yet ventured into a spa, then let me tell you that spas are no longer pink, floral and jasmine smelling. Most of today's spas offer bathrobes for men — so that all your body parts are more than covered; tables long enough to prevent your legs from dangling off while you're getting a massage; unscented products so that you don't leave smelling like vanilla and a hint of azalea; as well as non-gloss nail products so that your nails are matte post-manicure and pedicure. You'll see that being this selfish can be addictive — hey, it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.”

Simon Marxer, the Director of Miraval, adds:

“Men going to spas seek something that is going to make an impact on how they’re going to feel in their bodies—not just something that’s going to make them feel better. Men are now realizing that the environment is a pleasurable environment that is not gender specific.” 

Whether you’re a man who wants to feel his best or just a lady searching for a gift for your special someone, Elliven's luxury men’s services have just what you're looking for:

 The Ultimate Hydrating Facial, perfect for all skin types,  is by far the most popular facial with both men & women.

The Ultimate Hydrating Facial, perfect for all skin types,  is by far the most popular facial with both men & women.

  • Gentleman’s Facial – includes steam treatment, exfoliation and hydration treatments, and massage 
  • MAN-icure* – a traditional manicure with exfoliation and a deep hand massage. Finish buffed to a shine or with a matte for men topcoat
  • Pedicure* – relax in our massage chair while we treat your feet with manly scented products
    *Meet Joe Black is our newest men’s manicure and pedicure line, scented with Calvin Klein’s CK1 or Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport. 
  • Paraffin Wax Treatment – healing for dry, chapped or aging hands or feet also great for arthritis & hand & wrist pain
  • Deep Tissue Massage - great choice for athletes to relieve pain and tension
  • Golf Champion Massage – concentrates on areas impacted by your golf game to improve mobility
  • Deep Heat Gel – warming gel to soothe muscle pain
  • Waxing – eyebrow, nose, ear, back, chest. 
  • Men’s Haircut – includes two shampoos, one before and one after, to remove unwanted cut hair. Your cut also guarantees you complimentary neck and side-burn trims between cut appointments.  Also now enjoy a hot steaming cleansing towel for your face!
  • Men’s Hair Color – facial hair color also available.

For more details and prices, visit our For Men page. 

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Posted on June 23, 2014 .