Need an instant face lift???

            Sometimes you feel like you need a complete overhaul or a face lift, when all you really need might be the simplest thing like a brow wax. It sounds crazy I know but those two little brows make the biggest impact on your face. Think for a second about people whose brows are so light they aren't even there. You might not realize it at the time but fill those brows in and now their eyes pop right out at you. Brows add shape to your face & frame the eye. Just by changing your brow you can do so much to your face & eyes. I always say a good brow wax is like getting an instant face lift! 

         I was feeling just hum drum & didn't even know why. Nothing seemed to be looking right and all I could think was I have to do something to snap out of this funk. I happen to have a cancellation at work and decide to have my esthetician wax my brows. One, because I could not even remember the last time I had them done and two, because we had a new girl training and I wanted her to watch a wax. No big deal just a normal routine clean up. However, the next day I am applying my makeup & realize my funk is gone. Hmmmm, how can this be? Then I realized I had a clean line on my brow & more room to work with. I looked more awake and my face seemed like it had more life to it. Two tiny little brows made a huge impact not only on my face but on my mood. Who knew...well now you do! 

eyebrow before & after.jpg

           There is a plethora of brow product out there these days. Brow gel, brow mascara, brow pencils, and the list goes on and on. All you really need is an eye shadow with a small angled brush and a spoolie, which is a disposable mascara wand. I prefer eye shadow because it is the easiest to work with & most forgiving if you make a mistake. Don't over think it, just lightly fill in where needed and as you get more confidence  you can go a little further. 

         Schedule a brow wax to clean up your brows or completely change the shape and go for a totally new look. Do NOT trust those people who tell you to pluck at home for two very good reasons. First, you PLUCK a chicken, you TWEASE a brow!!! Second, this is your face we are talking about there are just somethings that should be left to the experts.

          There are some standards we live by in the brow world and that is how we measure and why, but these can always be tweaked to help you achieve the look you want. Open up your eye by raising the arch some and you would be surprised what a huge difference that little adjustment can make. You just got an instant face lift! Fill in those brows and you just got even younger! So schedule yourself an instant pick me up & take a brow...

eyebrow shaping.jpg



My Picks For Brows

1. Brunettes  - Shady Lady Shadow by Jane Iredale

2. Dark Brown/ Black Hair - Double Espresso Shadow by Jane Iredale

3. Blondes - Taupe or Slate Brown Shadow by Jane Iredale

4. Detail Brush - by Jane Iredale * MY ABSOLUTE FAV BRUSH

5. Finish by setting them with a Spritz  from Jane Iredale & they will stay all day & night.

Posted on February 23, 2014 .