Snowed in????

Snowed in? Sometimes that is God's way of letting you get all the items on your list accomplished OR at least some of them. If you are like me you have multiple lists going at once, home repairs, work extras to do, organizing of everything, beauty stuff & the lists go on & on. I like to try and accomplish at least something off of every list, which is often times much too overwhelming. Do however, steal a few minutes away for yourself & accomplish a few beauty extras. 

My favorite beauty extra to do is to shampoo & condition my makeup brushes. Sounds pretty exciting I know, but the after effect of newly soft conditioned brushes gently gliding across your skin the next day is just heavenly. Besides, if you really stop to think about it those brushes take a beating. Everyday dipped in powder, blush, shadows, highlighters & if left to sit out in a beautiful receptacle upon your vanity they are collecting dust. So not only will you extend the life of your brushes by cleaning them you will be doing your skin a favor! Just think of using the same dirty washcloth everyday for months at a time on your face - No Thank You!!! So take a few minutes & give your brushes a cleanse. Using a brush Shampoo, like Jane Iredale's Truly Pure Brush Shampoo, which is available at the spa, is ideal but anything is better than nothing! Feel free to use what is in your shower just give those bristles a bath. Let them air dry over night & in the morning they will feel like new. You will wonder why you waited so long, just like I do every time.  So brew some tea & enjoy some you time while your snowed in.

makeup brush.jpg
Jane brush cleaner.jpg


Posted on January 25, 2014 .