Baby it's cold outside...

The arctic air has settled in & can reek havoc on your skin if you are not careful. Take precautions to stay moisturized & wrinkle free.  Wrinkles are only cute on Shar pei dogs & pugs.  

Never leave the house without an extra layer of moisturizer on &  do not forget to make sure it has SPF. So often people make the mistake of thinking that SPF is only needed in the summer & that is a huge mistake. It is a must everyday & especially in winter as the sun reflects up from the snow. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles so if you are one of the many who battle dry skin all year please take extra precaution during these arctic times.

Also we have always been taught that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest, well so are the lips. Keep those smackers lathered with balm. I am a lipstick, gloss, balm junkie & have tried them all. I love Jane Iredale's Lip drink for so many reasons. First & foremost it is cruelty free. It is also gluten free, which we all know is so hot right now, & it is Vegan friendly. It has a subtle shine while leaving you feeling quenched. It is colorless so you can slather it on & still apply your favorite color of week.  For a quick drug store pick me up I like the Baby Lips by Maybelline. It has Shea butter & vitamin E & comes in cute colors. Whatever your choice just don't forget to apply & apply often!

Now when it comes to hands this is my specialty. I have tried everything & I mean everything when it comes to creams & lotions. My favorite, hands down, has to be Glysolid. This pure glycerin cream comes from Switzerland & is fragrance & dye free. The packaging does leave a little to be desired but who cares when your hands feel this amazing after just one use.  I am often found looking nervous after using it because I am ringing my hands without even knowing it because they are THAT soft.  It comes in a purse size tube, which is perfect for application at long red lights, & a less than lovely jar for home, but trust me you will not care about the jar when you use this!

Keep warm & stay moisturized & wrinkle free!


Posted on January 22, 2014 .